EoP Axis Oath

EoP MILED Clerk EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations, on behalf of EoP Applicants, to setup an Ecology of Peace Responsible Peacenik Freedom Database, for individuals who have signed their Responsible Freedom Oaths; is available at: EoP TRC Draft Statements.

Temporarily, pending aforementioned Responsible Peacenik Freedom Database logistics discussions as to whom shall help to setup and manage such RPF database, signed Responsible Freedom Oaths, may be submitted to the EoP MILED Clerk, and shall be documented here at  EoP Axis Oath.

02 Aug 2017: Responsible Freedom Oath Template PDF.
30 Aug 2017: Responsible Freedom Oath Template PDF.


2013-2017: EoP Walk Your Talk to Support the Troops Oath:


2017: Responsible Peacenik Freedom Oath:

Ecology of Peace Near Term Extinction Green Morning: Responsible Freedom Oaths.


Last Updated: 23 Sep 2017.